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Our Kelliher Apartments cater exclusively to the elderly population and offers residence to you as long as you are able to live completely independent.


If a quiet, well-kept living environment is something you desire to call your own home during your retirement, choose Kelliher. Enjoy the freedom of living a simple, yet unbelievingly comfortable life at our Kelliher location now.

You have been searching for the perfect place to call home after 40 or more years of long, tiresome commitment to the workforce. Now that you have reached the respectable phase of becoming an elder, you need the perfect environment to complement your lifestyle.

Find properties that are lifestyle friendly. Count on our over 40 years of experience and call us today!

Find peace at Kelliher

Perfection has never been so simple

Peace of mind in Kelliher

Common amenities

  • A/C options

  • Off street parking

  • Winter plug-ins (optional)

  • On-site resident manager

  • Laundry facilities on site

  • Low income housing

  • Visit our Clearbrook property page also

  • Elderly but independent

        residents welcome

  • Residents with disabilities welcome

  • Heat, water, gas, garbage, sewer

   *   Mutlifamily housing available to  


  • Limited access


(*) Indicates that those amenities marked may be limited to a few units only.

Call today and schedule a tour of our Kelliher apartments.


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